Sara Almond becomes Certified!

Sara Almond of DiFabion Remodeling, Inc. has recently earned her certification as a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) from the National Kitchen & Bath Association, one of only 7 CKD’s in Charlotte, NC.

Certified Designers must undergo a rigorous process to qualify for certification. They must demonstrate a set number of years of experience in the industry and/or as a kitchen/bath designer, must pass an intensive, comprehensive examination to prove their competency, must adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct, and must continually further their education by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs). They must abide by the Certification Policies and Procedures as set forth by the Board of Directors and, and must annually register with the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Only individuals who have met these requirements can call themselves “certified” in kitchen/bath design. They alone are entitled to use the term “Certified Kitchen Designer”. These individuals have proven themselves to be not only exemplary designers, but exemplary professionals, who demonstrate the utmost dedication to the kitchen and bath industry.

The DiFabion Remodeling family congratulates Sara on all of her hard work and dedication to excellence in the remodeling industry.