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For Your Safety

Posted on: June 21, 2017

In the residential remodeling world, there are a number of code requirements that a contractor must meet in order to safely complete a project. In most cases, a responsible contractor SHOULD adhere to these requirements or else an inspector will not approve the work (assuming a building permit has been pulled). With a responsible contractor, the homeowner SHOULD NOT be concerned with code compliance or worry about every little requirement in the code enforcement book. However, there are a few safety requirements with which a homeowner should be aware when considering an interior remodeling project. Here is an example:

Did you know that if you remodel ANY part of your home, you are required to install smoke detectors in the rest of the house? NC Building Code 804.4.1.3 states that smoke alarms shall be installed in each sleeping room, outside each individual sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms, and on each additional story of the dwelling, including basements and attics.

This means if you remodel your kitchen, you are required to install smoke alarms according to the code requirements above. Overkill? Probably so. Practical? Not really. Required by code? Absolutely. One of the MANY code requirements a responsible and PROFESSIONAL contractor must follow to ensure your project is done the RIGHT WAY.