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Remodeling can change your life! (part 2)

Posted on: July 28, 2016

Kitchen before a DiFabion Remodel Welcome back to Part 2 of Remodeling Can Change Your Life! Previously, we talked about how a master bathroom remodel can completely change the start (and finish) to your day by truly enjoying a relaxing new bathroom space made just for you. Now let’s talk about that dreaded kitchen.

Each morning, you walk downstairs to make some breakfast for the kiddies and a hot pot of coffee to jump start your day.  After digging for food in the dark pantry closet for a few minutes, you then walk across the room towards the sink.  You know, the one with the metal rim you’ve crammed food under from years of wiping off the counter tops.  You turn the light on above the sink but jump from the violent sound of the garbage disposal.  Oops, wrong switch. The other switch turns on that seizure-inducing, flickering fluorescent bulb, hidden behind the tacky wooden valance and nylon curtains.

Kitchen in need of a DiFabion RemodelOnce the commotion subsides, you go to the bi-level peninsula to clear away piles of mail and backpacks to make room for the kids to sit down and eat.  As you open up the cabinet doors to search for plates, a stack of Tupperware spills out onto the floor.  You then cram everything into the lazy Susan that won’t quite turn, because more Tupperware has fallen behind it, jamming the turnstile.

As you look for silverware, the drawers won’t open all the way and a measuring cup gets stuck in the back, making it difficult to close. After breakfast, you clear off the plates into the garbage can stored under the sink, knocking down several bottles of cleaner in the process.  After that, you open the dishwasher door that hits the knob of another cabinet, toss in the dirty dishes, and rush to get the kids off to school.  This happens everyday, and everyday you say the same thing, “Ugh, I hate this kitchen!”

A beautiful kitchen remodel by DiFabionNow picture this…

You walk down to the kitchen for breakfast and coffee, where you conveniently find everything you need in the tall pantry roll-outs and appliance “garage” cabinet neatly concealing the coffee pot.  While you decide which area of ample counter top space to place your food, you crank up the commercial range and chimney-style hood for a culinary experience that would make the professional chefs jealous.

You easily access all of your pots and pans, dishes, glassware, and cooking/eating utensils, strategically stored within your new custom cabinetry layout, complete with an abundance of full extension, soft-close drawers and doors.  As the kids sit down at the new island, you head towards the new farm front sink to rinse off the pots and pans, hit the low-profile air switch for the garbage disposal, roll out the trash and recycling bins, and load up the high efficiency dishwasher. Now that you’ve made full use of your efficient new work triangle, you use that extra energy to get the kids off to school and tackle the day!

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A dream pantry with pull out shelving.

Oven range with professional hood and backsplash

Pull out cabinet shelving