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Tales from the Trenches (Literally)

Posted on: January 27, 2016

Building an addition? Something to always consider before building any kind of addition is how it will be supported, specifically the structural footings. Whether your addition calls for a full foundation wall, a slab on grade, or even masonry columns/piers, all of these are supported by concrete footings. Before you begin any type of excavation, it is important to have all utility lines marked, so you do not hit a gas, electrical, or plumbing line.

Next, you dig a hole or trench down to solid ground, removing all the loose soil and fill. The solid ground is then inspected with a probe to make sure the depth of the footing is sufficient. More times than not, you’ll come across some tree roots, rocks, or both, but hopefully it’s minor and you only need to dig down a foot or two to hit that solid ground. However, there are rare instances when you come across a crazy situation while excavating. For example, uncovering a large tree stump, rock formation, or even an old septic tank. You could also come across poor soil where you keep digging and digging and never actually reach solid ground until you’re six feet under! Check out a few of the crazy things we’ve uncovered over the years…

One of the strange things Difabion finds underground when excavating a site.
A giant tree stump.
A giant hole remains after removing the stump.
Here’s what the area looked like after we removed the tree stump.
A DiFabion team member is almost in over his head.
This shows a very deep footing after we removed the soil.