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Custom Home Remodeling Designs in Charlotte, NC

As a design/build remodeling firm, DiFabion Remodeling’s approach to design is collaborative. Whether you have a fleshed-out design plan or simply have a vague concept in mind, we can help!

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Our goal is the same in every design we execute: to capture the original vision as closely as possible within the constraints of reality. What does this mean? It means we take time to listen to your concept and create an initial design based on your desires.

The design will change over time as you make firmer decisions and we come in to measure your existing space. All changes will be agreed upon by both the designer and you, the client, to ensure that the design is both practical and fulfilling.

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Our Design Process

The design and build process begins with a full check and measure of the desired project. We will analyze the overall goals of the client and create a master plan that addresses these specific needs. This plan includes multiple floor plans, elevations, 3D renderings, and a comprehensive pricing structure—so it may require several site visits.

After signing an agreement, we develop a detailed production schedule that outlines the project from start to finish.

Finally, we review the project with all applicable trades, make the necessary pre-production selections and decisions, and coordinate all phases of the project for effective implementation.

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Kitchen & Bath Design in Charlotte, NC

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Due to the fact that the majority of our projects include custom kitchen and baths, DiFabion Remodeling places an emphasis on the kitchen and bath design and selection process.

As a design/build contractor, we can handle everything from start to finish, including design, budgeting/pricing, and construction. With one professional to perform ALL the tasks associated with a remodeling project, both the process and communication is simplified.

Full-Service Custom Design & Build for Your Home Remodel


We take care of every step of the process: design, selection, and construction. For bathroom and kitchen designs, the selection process is particularly important and can be somewhat lengthy.

Our in-house Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer brings an extensive knowledge of space planning and product selection. With a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, our designer places a premium focus on the initial client consultation.

Following an initial in-depth interview, our designer then actualizes a client’s specific needs and desires by providing creative solutions to improve the efficiency and functionality of their kitchen or bathroom. Her technical knowledge of architectural and design programs such as Auto CAD, Design Soft, and Softplan helps to bring these concepts to life through detailed floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings. These sophisticated designs enable you to have a real feel for your new space, encouraging you to explore the design and ask questions whenever they may arise.

Finally, our designer guides you through the product and material selection process, offering a keen eye for color, texture, symmetry, and balance, ultimately creating a project with a seamless flow and aesthetic beauty. We are careful to balance practicality, style, and budget during the selection process.

For a detailed look at our design process, click here.

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If you are interested in learning more about DiFabion Remodeling’s design capabilities, or if you would like to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your vision for your home remodel, we are ready to get started with you!

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