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Every parent dreams of having a master suite to retreat to. This is the one area of the house you can call your own, where no kids or toys are allowed. It’s a heavenly place where you can sleep, shower, and dress in peace. If you’re interested in adding a master suite or renovating your existing one, DiFabion Remodeling can bring your vision to life. We have over 20 years of experience completing master suite additions in the Charlotte, NC area.

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Why Remodel Your Master Suite?

Over the years, the master bedroom may come to feel dull and bland. The fixtures in the nearby bathroom could also be outdated or lack important features, such as a double sink or the separate bathtub and shower you have always wanted. Perhaps you don’t have a master suite at all, forcing you to share a bathroom with your kids or guests. Adding or remodeling the master suite is the best way to help you bask in luxury and ensure privacy after a hectic day.

Important Parts of a Master Suite Renovation

The master suite can be much more than just four walls and a ceiling. Now is your chance to truly customize the space and help it meet your needs in every way. Here are some of the features you may choose to include:

  • Large Walk-In Closet: Short on closet space? Reallocate some square footage from the bedroom to create a spacious walk-in closet with plenty of room to spare.
  • Ceiling and Wall Design: This is the time to add custom cove lighting, vaulted ceilings, eye-catching wall panels, or a built-in headboard.
  • Flooring Options: Many homeowners prefer soft wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom. Others want sleek hardwood or vinyl flooring with a plush area rug.
  • Bedroom Windows: Consider replacing the windows in your master suite. An enlarged opening makes the most of the view, while automated blackout curtains ensure the sun never wakes you prematurely.
  • Electrical Outlets and Wiring: If your bedroom is short on outlets, add some now while you’re renovating the master suite. Choose the perfect locations, such as near the nightstands, across from the bed, and in the master closet.
  • Master Bedroom Lighting: A combination of general overhead lighting, dimmable sconces, and bedside reading lamps ensures the proper lighting for every occasion.
  • And more

Why Choose DiFabion for Master Suite Remodeling?

To ensure a job well done, it’s important to team up with a qualified master suite remodeling company in Charlotte. DiFabion is certified, licensed, and insured for your peace of mind. We’ll begin your project with a free in-home consultation, followed by a collaborative, step-by-step remodeling process that ensures efficiency and satisfaction. We boast award-winning remodeling services, and we have great reviews to back us up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Master Bedroom Remodeling

How much does a master suite remodel cost?

Depending on the scale and configuration of the project, you should consider allocating between 0.7 and 2.5% of your home’s total value toward a master suite remodel. Expect to recoup about 50% of the cost you invest in increased resale value.

Is a master suite remodel worth it?

If you feel that your bedroom lacks privacy from the kids, has outdated features, or doesn’t meet your functional needs, then yes — a master suite remodel is absolutely worth it!

Begin Your Master Suite Renovation in Charlotte, NC

DiFabion can grant your wish of having a private, luxurious space all to yourself. Meet with us today to discuss your master suite renovation ideas and glean inspiration from our talented design team.

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