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DR Difference

Our mission at DiFabion Remodeling is to deliver an exceptional remodeling experience built on Trust, Vision, Pride, and Family, with the goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations in every way.

Home remodeling is a very personal experience, and building trust with our clients and their families is our first priority. From there, we look to provide thoughtful design and creative insight to help make your vision become a reality. Our talented team of in-house professionals takes pride in doing things the right way and doing them well. All of this allow us to build a strong, long-term relationship with our clients, while becoming a member of the DiFabion Remodeling Family!


DR Story

As Vice President of the largest swimming pool manufacturer in the nation at age 26, Mike learned the importance of organization, as he was directly responsible for 30 branch managers and over 300 salespeople. He guided the Company from 9 million in annual revenue to over 52 million in just 11 years.

After his swimming pool career, Mike decided to take his expertise to the residential remodeling industry. He joined one of the most recognized regional leaders in the industry and guided that firm to over 500% growth in a 10 year period. During this time, he learned some valuable lessons.

Convinced that you cannot mass produce residential remodeling and maintain high quality, Mike started DiFabion Remodeling in May of 2000 with the goal of becoming the best local mid-sized firm in the Charlotte market. By providing superior customer service, combined with controlled growth, The Company now boasts a reputation beyond reproach. Mike and his team have designed and executed over 1,500 remodeling projects over the past 20 years, gaining a broad understanding of all types of projects.

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