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Our Approach to Design/Build

A good buyer is always looking for the best quality, customer service, and pricing. However, the finest quality and comprehensive customer service often involve a higher cost, leaving you to lower your standards if you want an unbeatable price.

At DiFabion Remodeling, we provide premier quality and customer service along with fair and accurate pricing, so you always receive outstanding value.

1. Initial Consultation

The process begins with a phone discussion to gather information and determine if we’re the right fit for the remodeling project you have in mind.

If it’s a good fit, we schedule a free virtual or on-site consultation where we discuss your needs, wants, and design preferences for your project. We also compare your budget parameters to the scope of work you have in mind.

After explaining our two-step design process, we schedule our first design appointment.

2. Check & Measure

The next step begins with our team performing on-site checks of the existing space. We discuss a list of project goals and criteria and take detailed measurements and photos. We then review our design agreement and collect a retainer to proceed with the design.

At the conclusion of this meeting, we schedule our first plan review at the DR Design Studio.

3. Design Kick-Off

Now the fun starts! Our design team gets to work with an internal kick-off meeting to discuss your expectations and budget parameters. We then layout the design timeline and schedule specific deadlines and goals.

4. Design Development

Our design department gets the creative juices flowing during step one of the design process by developing several layout options and an overall aesthetic. At the first plan review, you come into our design studio, where the design team presents each floor plan option and 3D renderings, bringing your vision to life.

After gathering your feedback and reviewing realistic budget ranges, we choose the plan you want to proceed with and discuss step two of the design process. We collect the design fee balance and schedule our first selection meeting.

5. Selections & Final Pricing

Our design team guides you through the selection process when visiting our preferred vendor showrooms to select key components like tile, plumbing, countertops, and cabinetry.

Meanwhile, we finalize our professional construction documents, including detailed floor plans, structural engineering, elevations, and a thorough scope of the work. Pricing is finalized, and you sign an official construction document to move forward with the project.

6. Pre-Production Planning

Next, the design team prepares for the sales to production handoff. Our team of professionals conducts an in-house pre-construction meeting to review the design and project details, assign a lead carpenter for the project, and develop a detailed project schedule.

At the on-site pre-construction walk-through, we walk through the space with you to discuss the project scope, all logistics, our communication, and your expectations.

7. Project Start

Your project finally begins! Our team of in-house carpenters arrive and begin a thorough site preparation to protect other areas of the home.

We aim to make the process as painless as possible for you and your family by containing the project and disruption within temporary partitions and plastic barriers.

8. Production

During production, the DiFabion Remodeling team strategically plans each step of the process to maintain an efficient and effective project schedule.

Communication is key with our cloud-based production management system, key walk-throughs every step of the way, and constant check-ins with you to stay the course.

9. Pre-Closeout

With the finish line now in sight, we schedule a pre-closeout meeting where together we identify any and all remaining tasks to be completed. We aim to complete the project with a zero-punch list, meaning all specifications are met according to the official construction document.

After final inspections and one last walk-through, we schedule our final closeout meeting.

10. Project Completion

Upon completion, we meet with you one last time to review our overall performance, receive your invaluable feedback, and discuss warranty and post-production services.

After explaining our review and referral program, our number one goal is that you are a raving fan and client for life!

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