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No matter what project you hire us to do, our step-by-step design process ensures we get everything correct, down to the last detail. As a design/build remodeling firm, DiFabion Remodeling’s approach to design is collaborative. Whether you have a complete design plan or simply have a vague concept in mind, we can help!

Our goal is the same in every design we execute: to capture the original vision as closely as possible within the constraints of reality. What does this mean? It means we take the time to listen to your concept and create an initial design based on your desires. The design will change over time as you make firmer decisions and we come in to measure your existing space. All changes will be agreed upon by both you and the designer to ensure that the design is practical and fulfilling.

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Remodeling Services Provided

Please note: We provide many additional services that are not specifically listed here that can be added to larger remodeling projects as part of the scope of work.

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Basement remodeling
  • Porch and patio remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Bonus rooms
  • In-law suites
  • Entire house renovations
  • Pool houses
  • Attic and basement remodeling
  • Custom remodeling

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Timing Our Charlotte Remodeling Projects

Although we are just as excited as you about your home remodel project and try to accommodate tight timelines to the best of our abilities, sometimes projects take a bit longer than first thought. In reality, it takes time to plan and execute large remodeling projects correctly. Before signing on, please consider the following:

  • Initial planning and proposals: First, we speak with you to gather information and determine exactly what you’re wanting for your home remodel. This is where we discuss your needs, wants, and design preferences as well as compare your budget restraints. You may need time to discuss and decide if DiFabion Remodeling is the best fit for you. Learn more about this step-by-step process on our remodeling process page!
  • Design and selections: No matter if you’re planning a complete kitchen remodel or a small-scale bathroom upgrade, many design decisions will need to be made. Things like flooring, lighting, colors, appliances, fixtures, and many others will need to be decided on. These types of decisions can take time even if you think you know exactly what you want. A number of other factors may add additional time to this process, including price and availability, which may lead to going back to the drawing board and taking even more time.
  • Permits and approvals: Every city, township, and neighborhood is different, but it always takes time to get the proper approvals. Even though DiFabion Remodeling is savvy to the correct procedures, completing the drawings, submitting the paperwork, answering questions from the city or HOA, and waiting for approval will take time.
  • Design elements: Certain elements and features of your remodel can take time to receive. For example, if your project includes cabinets, it can take about six weeks to have them delivered and ready to install. Ordering materials like tile and fixtures also digs into the timeline, even if the materials are shipped correctly and ready to install.

Pricing Your Charlotte Home Remodel

We want you to feel secure in knowing every penny of your remodeling investment is spent wisely. How much DiFabion Remodeling charges is based on several factors. Although we can’t offer a final amount without scoping your project personally, we like to use the familiar scale used by online directories of $, $$, $$$, and $$$$. In our industry, there are generally four types of remodelers:

  • The one-man band – This type of company tends to be newer. The owner does it all, there are no organizational systems, and they can only handle a few jobs at a time. This would be considered $ since there is little overhead. However, things can go south in a hurry with this type of setup.
  • The owner/operator – This company is established, and the owner has hired a few key employees. There are some systems in place, and they can handle more jobs. However, they can be wildly inconsistent with their work quality. This one would be $$.
  • The professional remodeler – This is what we like to call the “sweet spot of remodeling.” This company is well-established with defined departments and systems. They offer consistent products, consistent work quality, and consistent workflow. This would be $$$.
  • Complex remodeler – This company is ready for growth. They have multiple specialties and services. There could even be a board of directors, advanced systems, and personnel. This would be the top tier at $$$$.

Here at DiFabion Remodeling, we like to consider ourselves the professional remodeler ($$$). We’re in that sweet spot of offering consistent and top-quality work, personalized service, and organized systems, without having to charge exorbitant prices.

Learn more about the cost vs. value of multiple types of home remodeling projects with our 2019 cost vs. value guide! To speak with one of our professionals, give us a call at (704) 882-7738.

Our Home Remodeling Service Area

For over 15 years our Charlotte-based design/build remodeling team has been transforming kitchens, bathrooms, and many other areas of the home into unique, welcoming spaces that reflect the homeowner’s unique style and personality. Our award-winning, remodeling team is proud to provide our design/build services to these zip codes:

  • 28277
  • 28226
  • 28210
  • 28173
  • 28270
  • 28105
  • 28104
  • 28227
  • 28110
  • 28211
  • 28079
  • 28209
  • 28075
  • 28262
  • 28207
  • 28112
  • 28212
  • 28134
  • 28227

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