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The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Additions


Home additions can transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary, but careful planning and consideration are required for the best results.

Whether you dream of a spacious kitchen, an extra bathroom, or a sunroom, understanding the do’s and don’ts is crucial.

After all, you’re not just looking to add square footage — you’re hoping to create a space that enhances your lifestyle and increases home value.

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Types of Home Additions

Southern sunroom/bonus room addition with floor-to-ceiling windows and wall-to-wall entertainment cabinetry

If your home is in the perfect neighborhood but lacks a few important features — a home addition is the best way to create the extra living space you crave.

You have numerous options for expanding your home. Consider these popular choices:

The Do’s

Exterior of large brick home addition with floor-to-ceiling windows and covered porch with white arches and columns

A properly planned home addition is sure to elevate your living space. Here are the essential practices to follow during your project:

Decide if You Want To Build Up or Out

Consider the layout of your lot, zoning regulations, and what you plan to use the space for. Building up preserves yard space and potentially offers better views, while building out is often easier and less disruptive to your current living space.

Start With a Clear Design

A well-thought-out design ensures that your addition will meet your needs and blend with your existing home. Visualize the result and how it will function with your lifestyle.

Assess Your Budget

Be realistic about what you can afford. Factor in construction costs and potential property taxes, utility bills, and homeowner’s insurance increases. A clear budget will guide your decisions and keep the project on track.

Consider Your Family’s Needs

Your addition should enhance your quality of life. Whether it’s more storage, an extra bedroom, or a quiet office space, focus on what will improve your daily life.

Consider Your Return on Investment

An updated kitchen, more bathrooms, and increased square footage typically offer the best ROI. Consider your current needs and how certain additions will appeal to future buyers if you sell down the line.

Hire a Professional

A design/build firm brings expertise, experience, and resources to your project. A company that handles design and construction in-house will ensure quality workmanship, adhere to building codes, and easily handle potential complications.

The Don’ts

Large open-concept kitchen with two islands, two sink areas, and a massive sun-filled eating area

While the possibilities are endless, careful planning can help you avoid certain pitfalls along the way. Here are common home addition mistakes to steer clear of.

Don’t Forget About Potential Problems

Before starting your project, address structural stability, foundation integrity, and drainage issues. Ignoring them will only lead to headaches in the construction process.

It’s important to plan for delays in the schedule and unanticipated additional costs. It’s advisable to allow for a 10% to 15% emergency fund and a flexible deadline if something unforeseen adds to the costs and timeline of the project.

Don’t Overbuild for the Size of Your Lot

Respect the proportions of your property. Overbuilding can lead to a cramped appearance and diminished curb appeal. If you build to the edge of your property line, you eliminate the opportunity for landscaping and patio space.

Your homeowner’s association may also have regulations to follow on how far you can build on your lot, so just be aware of any limitations.

Don’t Choose a Different Design Style

The addition should complement your home’s existing architectural style. Mismatched design can be jarring and detract from your home’s overall aesthetic.

Don’t Fail To Obtain Proper Permits

Permits ensure that your addition complies with local codes and regulations. A reliable contractor will complete this process promptly and properly to ensure you have the appropriate paperwork and pass all inspections.

Don’t Hire the Wrong Contractors

Choose a contractor with a solid reputation, certifications, and numerous awards and affiliations. Your design/build firm should understand your vision and have the talent to bring it to life.

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