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Flooring Trends

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When selecting flooring for a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or home renovation project, you want something that strikes a solid balance between durability and beauty. For this purpose, understanding trends can provide a homeowner with a clear idea of what flooring options are popular and why they are popular. 

Interested in the current “best” floor trends in 2019? Your trusted remodelers at DiFabion Remodeling are here to provide you with the superior options you have at your disposal. 

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been at the pinnacle of popularity for years now, and it’s no wonder why. With a stunningly diverse range of wood species, endless stain color options, timelessness, and feel, it’s quite difficult to match. Durability and cost are two factors that drive people away from hardwoods. Hardwoods may require refinishing over the years to maintain a fresh look and can scratch and wear over time when up against children and pets.

Deciding Between Site-Finished & Prefinished Hardwood Flooring 

The decision between site-finished and prefinished flooring is a question pertaining specifically to hardwoods, that mostly deals with convenience.

A site-finished floor is any floor where the sanding, staining, and finalization of the installed flooring is all done in your home. Site-finished flooring takes a bit more time and may require your family to move out during the finishing process for several days at a time. The benefit of site finished hardwoods include resale value and an ideal fit for your home.

Prefinished flooring is wood flooring finished, stained, and sized before it is delivered. This makes for a product that is installation-ready on day one, making the flooring install process substantially simpler and less time-consuming. The drawback to prefinished flooring is that it doesn’t have the ability to be sanded and refinished as often as site-finished and often has beveled edges which can be a trap for dirt.

LVP Flooring

If you find yourself enamored with the look of wood, but you’d prefer a flooring option that provides a bit more cost efficiency and is easier to maintain, then LVP may be the exact fit you’re looking for. LVP flooring, or Luxury Vinyl Plank, is one of the leading go-to options in modern home remodeling. It very accurately mimics the appearance of wood but costs nearly half and requires no refinishing. 

LVT Flooring

In the past, vinyl flooring has simply been a cost-efficient go-to when a homeowner needed flooring in utility space. However, modern LVT—Luxury Vinyl Tile—is in a league all its own. Like LVP, just formatted differently, LVT is 3-D printed for added texture, depth, and product accuracy. The use of modern manufacturing techniques and improvements to materials has made LVT gorgeous, durable, and still quite cost-minded. 

Tile Flooring

When it comes to tile, porcelain, and natural stone are your main choices. Tile is an excellent flooring option anywhere that moisture and humidity are factors, which makes it ideal for use in bathroom and kitchen remodels. The solid range of material types provide excellent customizability according to your tastes, and many tile options are highly stained and damage resistant. 

Home Remodeling & Flooring Installation in Charlotte, NC 

With decades of experience and a team of dedicated, knowledgeable craftsmen, DiFabion Remodeling is the local remodeling company that you can trust for superior flooring installation and replacement. We want you to love your new flooring, and we always take the time to discuss your options with you, providing our experience and guidance so that you can select the option that suits your needs best.

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