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Top Ways to Save Money When Remodeling a Home

Upclose of a homeowner's hands drawing a floor plan for their upcoming remodel.

Does your kitchen lack counter and storage space? Is your bathroom small and dimly lit? A renovation could be just what you need to improve your quality of life. If you’re working on a tight budget, you might be concerned about the overall cost. With these tips from DiFabion Remodeling, you can get the home of your dreams without breaking the bank.

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Get Multiple Project Bids

You know you want to hire a professional to complete the renovation for the best results, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar for an expensive contractor. Seek bids from at least three different remodelers so you can compare their rates. Just remember that a low-ball estimate could end up costing more if the contractor does poor work or tacks on hidden fees at the end. To help you find a reputable company, check for certifications, read testimonials, and ask to see a portfolio of completed projects.

Reuse Products and Materials When Possible

You can save money on replacement costs by salvaging some of your home’s existing features. For instance, if you like the layout of your kitchen cabinets, you can simply have them refinished instead of replacing them entirely. Likewise, if you have real wood floors that have seen better days, sand and refinish them to restore their original luster rather than ripping them out. These solutions give your home a fresh look for a fraction of the cost.

Sell Furniture or Appliances You Plan to Replace

As long as they’re in good working condition, you can sell your kitchen appliances, living room furniture, and even old toilets that you plan to replace. This can offset the cost of your remodeling project, reduce waste, and help out a friend or neighbor who’s looking for used home goods.

Avoid Change Orders

The single biggest unexpected cost of remodeling a home occurs if the homeowner changes their mind. This leads to something called a change order, which delays the project and eats away at the budget. Remember, it’s easy to change something on paper—it’s not so easy to redo it in real life—so don’t order materials or begin construction until you have complete confidence in the design.

Think Creatively

There’s always a hard way and an easy way to complete a home remodeling project. Do you really need to change the floor plan of your kitchen to accomplish your goals, or could you get creative with the existing layout? The trick to answering questions like this is to work with a resourceful contractor that can help you work out the most efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Choose Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

If you’re planning on moving soon, your goal should be to get a solid return on investment when you sell your house. Some of the home improvements that increase home value the most include:

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