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Basement Remodeling in Charlotte, North Carolina

If you bought your home with an unfinished basement, you’re lucky—you have a blank canvas to create the perfect living space for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you envision relaxing in a home theater, keeping the kids entertained with a playroom, or making extra money with an apartment suite, DiFabion Remodeling can perform the transformation you have in mind.

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Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Luxury Basement Remodeling in Charlotte, Matthews & More

Homeowners have many reasons for wanting to finish the basement:

  • Extra square footage for a fraction of the cost: Do you wish your home were bigger? Finishing the basement creates additional living space at a much lower cost than adding onto your house somewhere else.
  • A place to add luxurious amenities: You might not have space upstairs for a theater room, but finishing the basement makes room for fun, distinctive features like this.
  • Increased home value: If you eventually sell your home, offering a finished basement is a significant differentiator that will help your property stand out.

Basement Renovation Inspiration

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The type of living space you create from the previously unused square footage is entirely up to you. Some popular options include:

  • Playroom: Tired of the kids strewing their toys around the living room? Dedicate a space in the basement as the playroom to eliminate this problem.
  • Home theater: The basement provides the perfect movie-watching experience because you can design a theater room without windows.
  • “Man cave”: Picture a 4K TV in front of a reclining sofa with built-in wall speakers to provide surround sound. Off to the side are a pool table, poker table, and wet bar. You and your buddies will never want to hang out anywhere else!
  • Storage and laundry room: A little practicality never hurt anyone. Tuck these utility spaces away from the main living area.
  • Wine cellar: Put your collection on display with room to expand in the future.
  • Apartment suite: Turn the extra square footage under your home into a moneymaker by finishing it into an apartment suite you can rent out.

DiFabion Remodeling—Charlotte’s Premier Renovation Company

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Finishing your basement often presents greater challenges than remodeling other areas of your home. You have extra flood-proofing, moisture control, insulation, and lighting considerations if you hope to make this a durable, functional space for many years to come. Careful planning is required to minimize surprises and keep the project on time and on budget.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a qualified basement remodeling company in Charlotte. It helps to work with a company that has experience remodeling basements and tackling the challenges that come with it. Do your research, and only work with a contractor who is certified, licensed, and insured. It also helps if the company is backed by proven customer satisfaction.

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Your dream of having a wine cellar, theater room, or man cave in the basement is closer than you realize! A consultation with DiFabion Remodeling is all you need to get your project started. We are a father/son remodeler in North Carolina with decades of experience to draw from. Let us transform your basement from bare concrete into a beautiful, functional space with your satisfaction guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Remodeling

Is it worth finishing a basement?

You should jump at the chance to add square footage to your home! Unlike other home additions, basements have walls, ceilings, and floors before you even begin to remodel, saving you money on your project. Basement renovations also offer unique opportunities, such as putting in a windowless home theater or a playroom where the kids can be as noisy as they want. In addition to improving your quality of life, finishing your basement offers an impressive return on investment of around 79%.

How much does it cost to finish a 1,000-square-foot basement?

Estimates range from $7 to $50 per square foot. This means you could expect to spend between $7,000 and $50,000 to finish a 1,000-square-foot basement. If the space already has drywall and a concrete floor, expect a lower cost per square foot. If you use luxury materials or hire an interior designer, know that the cost will be toward the higher end of this estimate. You’ll also need to factor in furniture and decor on top of the renovation costs.

How can I remodel my basement cheaply?

Finishing a basement is already one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your living space. Since labor makes up 10 to 25% of the project’s budget, you can save money by doing some of the work yourself. Just remember that you should always leave plumbing, electrical, and other technical aspects of the project to a licensed professional.

What do I need to remodel my basement?

Here are the steps you’ll follow when finishing the basement:

  • Decide how you want to use the space
  • Set your budget
  • Clean out the existing space
  • Apply for a permit
  • Understand building codes and requirements
  • Address moisture
  • Insulate the walls and floor
  • Add electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures
  • Frame any new walls
  • Finish the walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Enjoy the newfound space

Is it illegal to have a bedroom in the basement?

No. In fact, adding an extra bedroom or an apartment suite in the basement is a popular choice. You simply need to include a code-compliant egress window in all basement bedrooms. This means the window must be large enough (at least 24 inches tall and 5.7 square feet when open) and low enough (no more than 44 inches above the finished floor) to escape through in an emergency.

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