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5 Benefits of Patios & Porches


Does your home have a patio? A patio or porch is a welcome addition to your backyard, giving you a beautiful space to enjoy the climate in Charlotte. If you’re considering putting in a new patio or updating your porch to make it more enjoyable, there are many benefits you can enjoy. Here are some of the reasons the team at DiFabion Remodeling feels a porch or patio is an excellent idea.

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1. Get More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is only metabolized naturally when you’re exposed to the sun. If you don’t have a nice outdoor living area, you’re not going to spend much time outside. A patio or porch gives you a comfortable place to soak up some rays and get more vitamin D.


2. Enhance Your Home’s Value

An outdoor entertainment area adds value to your home. When people are home shopping, they like to see a finished outdoor living area. With a beautifully designed patio or porch, you can add value to your home while also enjoying better use out of your space.

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3. Extend Your Living Area Outdoors

A patio or porch gives you a practical living area outdoors. Consider adding a grill station or an outdoor kitchen to make the space even more functional. You’ll be close to your home and kitchen while enjoying the outdoor air and climate.

4. Create an Area for Entertaining

Do you want to host a barbecue this summer? How about having a few friends over for drinks and roasting s’mores? These kinds of activities are easier if you have a patio or porch, because you have plenty of room for people to spread out. You can enjoy pickup games of your favorite backyard sports while sitting around on your patio furniture enjoying great conversation and keeping your home’s interior protected at the same time.

5. Create Family Memories

Meals enjoyed outdoors, conversations around a patio table, and time together as a family are all benefits of having a patio or porch. The mild climate in Charlotte is conducive to outdoor time, and the right outdoor living area will entice your family to come outside more often.

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