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Your Guide to Home Design Styles

The Charlotte region is filled with many beautiful neighborhoods featuring a variety of home styles and design aesthetics. From the charming simplicity of American Bungalows to the sleek sophistication of midcentury modern, newer builds and historic homes alike reflect the homeowner’s unique style.

At DiFabion Remodeling, we believe that thoughtful, personalized design stands the test of time. As Charlotte’s premier custom remodeling company, we draw inspiration from different architectural styles to create stunning, personalized home remodels.

Whether you envision a kitchen remodel in your transitional-style home or dream of expanding your farmhouse-style home with an addition, our expertise lies in seamlessly blending your desired aesthetic with your home’s existing character.

Our Favorite Home Design Styles

While some people want their home additions or remodels to stand out as a distinct feature, most homeowners opt for subtle integrations that enhance their home’s original architecture. That’s why we give considerable attention to architectural details, ensuring each remodel is a harmonious extension of your home.

Home architectural styles we work with include:

American Bungalow

Rustic screen porch addition with rustic stained wood, natural stone fireplace and columns, and painted white trim

A cozy and practical style, American Bungalow offers an appealing blend of simplicity and artistry. Their low-pitched roofs, wide porches, and efficient layouts reflect early 20th-century ideals.

This style offers a charming, down-to-earth ambiance in an otherwise urban landscape. This Beverly Crest Bungalow porch addition is a great example of an addition we did that retains the home’s rustic feel.

Midcentury Modern

Modern and colorful garage in-law suite conversion with corner booth dining area

Midcentury modern architecture creates sleek lines and seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. Popularized in the 1950s and ’60s, the style features large windows, flat planes, and a strong emphasis on functionality, echoing the post-war American spirit of simplicity and progress.

When the owners of this Canyon Trail midcentury modern brick ranch home wanted to expand the living space to accommodate a growing family, we used green building and modern flair to reimagine the interior while maintaining the existing home’s integrity.


Sophisticated cherry-wrapped home library with built-in bookshelves and custom elliptical glass sliding doors

Transitional architecture skillfully blends traditional and modern elements, offering a balanced aesthetic that integrates the classic warmth of older designs with contemporary clean lines and open floor plans.

The owners of this Sharon Hills transitional home asked us to transform a small room off their main entry into a functional yet elegant library that reflected the house’s heritage and modernity.


Grey-toned kitchen renovation with window bench and sliding barn door into laundry room

Farmhouse homes reflect rural and agricultural roots characterized by practicality and simplicity. The style’s rustic charm and emphasis on family-centric spaces make it a beloved choice in the Charlotte area.

Modern adaptations often include spacious porches and large kitchens, like this Shannamara farmhouse home that needed to open up the kitchen to integrate it with the dining and family rooms.


Tudor-style homes, many of which can be found in Wesley Heights, are identifiable by their steeply pitched roofs, decorative half-timbering, and prominent chimneys. Originating from medieval England, they provide a sense of historical elegance and are often associated with luxury due to their detailed craftsmanship.


Georgian architecture reflects a stately elegance, conveying a sense of tradition and formal beauty. The Georgian homes in Fourth Ward are characterized by symmetry, classic proportions, and decorative elements like gabled roofs and columns drawn from 18th-century European design. This style conveys a sense of tradition and formal beauty.

Art Deco

Charlotte’s art deco homes capture the bold, optimistic spirit of the early 20th century. Typically featuring geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and streamlined forms, they offer a glimpse into an era of industrial progress and the Jazz Age’s exuberance.

Greek Revival

Greek revival architecture takes its inspiration from ancient Greek temple aesthetics. Its grand columns, symmetrical facades, and gabled roofs add a classical, monumental feel that reflects 19th-century America’s fascination with classical style.


Inspired by 16th-century Italian Renaissance villas, Italianate homes feature ornate detailing, tall windows, and flat or low-pitched roofs. Popular in the mid-19th century, they add a touch of European elegance to Charlotte’s architecture.

Second Empire

Second Empire architecture is influenced by French building trends under Napoleon III. They feature sloped mansard roofs, elaborate ornamentation, and a sense of grandeur. This style, popular in the late 19th century, brings a touch of Parisian flair.


Extensive use of exterior shingles, asymmetrical forms, and landscape integration defines shingle-style architecture. This distinctly American design emerged in the late 19th century and presents a casual yet sophisticated coastal look.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne architecture is known for its ornate decoration, asymmetrical forms, and varied textures. While not prominent in Charlotte, the style adds a whimsical, ornate flair.

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