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Appliance Trends


Kitchen appliances are always evolving, with new styles and finishes that inform color choices and cabinet layouts, as well as new features that make life easier and more efficient. If you are planning a kitchen remodel now or in the near future, this appliance guide will help you navigate some of the latest trends so that you can choose wisely and make sure your kitchen looks its best. Need help designing your new kitchen? Talk to our team at DiFabion Remodeling. We can help you throughout the kitchen remodeling process, from design and material selection to framing and finish carpentry. Call (704) 882-7738 or contact us online to schedule a kitchen remodel consultation today!

Black Stainless Finishes

Standard stainless steel is still popular, but many appliance manufacturers are introducing refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers clad in attractive black stainless finishes. Perfect for the modern kitchen, they offer a more dynamic and attractive finish than appliances that are painted black or have an enamel surface. If black is not your preferred color, other popular options include retro-inspired reds, blues, yellows, or pastels, as well as modern, texture-free painted or enameled finishes in stark white.

Undercounter Appliances

Space is at a premium in many modern kitchens, and dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, or freezers that can fit under the counter make the perfect addition for smaller layouts. One popular option is the Sharp Microwave Drawer, which can be installed under the counter in multiple sizes.

Hidden Appliances

If you would rather your appliances not be front and center, hidden appliances are a popular option. With doors and drawer fronts that can be faced with panels that match your cabinetry, these appliances perfectly blend in with their surroundings. Even things like vent hoods can disappear with custom-designed panels that hide them from view.

Retro-Inspired Appliances

Commercial-style ranges and appliances are still popular, but a growing trend is retro-style ranges and refrigerators that would look at home in the 1950s or 1960s. From plain white or black to bright reds, blues, yellows, or pastels, these appliances combine classic looks and styling with modern technology.

Air-Frying Ovens & Convection Microwaves

A healthy alternative to deep-frying, air frying uses large volumes of high-speed hot air to brown or caramelize foods before baking them. Previously, purpose-designed countertop appliances were required for air-frying, but today’s appliance manufacturers are now designing ovens with air-frying functions built-in. Convection microwaves are now commonly being used as a second oven. These microwaves offer the fast cooking features of a microwave with the browning and crisping qualities of a traditional oven.

Quick-Drying Dishwashers

The latest dishwashers from select manufacturers offer new desiccant-drying options, using minerals like zeolite to more effectively absorb moisture and leave your dishes spotless. For smaller kitchens, drawer or sink-based dishwashers offer fast cleaning of small loads for one or two people.

Smart Home Assistants

The latest technologies can make cooking and cleaning more efficient. With a voice-activated smart home assistant, you can follow recipes hands-free, find new recipes, order groceries online, or make a quick phone call. Add a tablet to have an easy-to-see display with a convenient touchscreen.

Smart Appliances

With intelligent appliances like dishwashers or ovens, you can start them remotely, monitor their operations with a mobile app, or even control them with voice commands through a smart home assistant.

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