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No one wants to be forced out of their beloved home because it no longer serves their needs. If you have recently experienced a mobility-restricting or age-related event, or you anticipate this possibility, you could benefit from aging-in-place design.

The purpose of remodeling your home as an older adult should be to prevent an unexpected, unwanted move. A home designed with aging in mind can cater to your changing needs, including the increased risk of falls, strokes, disease, mobility difficulties, or cognitive decline. At DiFabion Remodeling, we can help you remain in your home safely and independently for years to come.

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What Is Aging in Place?

Despite the aging population, the current housing stock is not well-equipped to meet the needs of the more than 25 million 65-and-up households in the US. In fact, the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University states that 44% of these households lack necessary home accessibility features. Not even one-third of homes in this country have what is considered basic accessibility features: a no-step entry with a bedroom and full bathroom on the ground floor.

While some aging homeowners decide to move into homes that better suit their needs, many others choose to stay put. That’s where aging-in-place remodeling comes into play. Also known as universal design, aging in place aims to make daily activities easier for people with non-traditional ability levels. Often, the market for aging in place includes those ages 55 and up, but anyone with mobility, balance, or cognitive challenges can benefit.

DiFabion has Universal Design Certified Professionals on staff who are capable of assessing the current and future needs of our clients. With your input and design tastes in mind, we can remodel your home to suit the needs of everyone in your household.

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Remodeling With a Purpose

While 45% of older homeowners want to undertake improvement projects, a surprising few are focused on accessibility additions as part of their plan to age in place comfortably and safely. The fact is that it’s never too early to design your home with accessibility in mind. You never know if you could have an accident and end up in a wheelchair, or if a mild case of arthritis could flare up suddenly and make it difficult to traverse the stairs in your home.

Aging-in-place remodeling can also prevent accidents before they happen. For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one in four older adults experience a fall each year, most of which occur in the home. Mindful design—including the addition of grab bars, slip-resistant floors, and barrier-free showers—decreases the chance of an accident.

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The universal home remodeling services from DiFabion are meant to support physical, psychological, and emotional wellness. We can remodel your home with beautiful, safe, comfortable, and functional additions to last you until retirement and beyond.

Our specialties include accessible kitchens, bathrooms, and much more. Whether you want to widen doorways for wheelchair access, add pull-down rods in the closet, or relocate the master suite to the ground floor, we have you covered. We are an award-winning, father- and son-owned business with great reviews and over 20 years of experience to back us up.

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