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FAKE NEWS- The Remodeling Edition

Posted on: March 21, 2017

With all the vast amounts of information floating around the world today, it’s sometimes difficult to know what’s real and what is “fake”. The world of residential remodeling is no exception. From “click-bait” advertising to unsubstantiated testimonials to every home improvement show on TV promising showroom projects on a shoestring budget, it’s no wonder homeowners don’t know what to believe anymore. This is unfortunate, because residential remodeling can be a very complex, and at times, stressful endeavor for anyone looking to improve their home. Think about it. You’re essentially paying someone to temporarily move in and tear your house apart, while trusting they can make the ideas on a piece of paper become a reality. Sure, some of the remodeling horror stories you’ve read about (or heard from your friends) are true, but in many cases, a complex remodeling project can be a very enjoyable experience. The main keys to a successful remodeling experience are finding a contractor who is the right fit, maintaining high levels communication and responsiveness, and setting realistic expectations from the beginning. If these three things happen, the odds of your project being a success will drastically improve. If not, things can go south in a hurry. So beware, FAKE NEWS is all around us! Here are 3 FAKE NEWS headlines you might find in the world of remodeling…

My remodeling project was WAY less than what I thought it would cost!

I don’t think these words have EVER been uttered by ANYONE in the history of remodeling. With remodeling costs, it’s usually the opposite. When it comes to budgeting for a remodeling project, it’s best to start high and hope for a miracle. I’m not trying to scare you, but the reality is a major residential remodeling project will be one of the largest investments you and your family will ever make. Especially if you want your project done right. Don’t let those TV shows ruin your expectations. For a more realistic idea of what your project might cost, check out Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value study.

I can have a brand new, custom kitchen in less than a month?!  That’s fantastic!

Once again, don’t let those home improvement shows ruin your expectations. Most major, custom remodeling projects can take months to complete. With all the MANY steps and moving parts of a remodeling project, it’s just not possible to say otherwise. For a more realistic idea of how long your project might last, check out Remodeling: Understanding Expectations and Timeframes.

I can’t believe there weren’t ANY surprises!

Again, I can’t think of a single instance in remodeling where EVERYTHING went exactly as planned with ZERO surprises. Remodeling is changing or updating the appearance of something by improving existing conditions. Some of those existing conditions are hidden from plain sight and not all new work can seamlessly tie in with old work. Surprises are unavoidable, but in most cases, they are fixable. The rule of thumb here is, plan for the worst and hope for the best.