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Tales from the Trenches – Removing a Chimney

Sometimes in remodeling, you come across a situation where the new design requires the removal of an old fireplace and chimney. In this project, the chimney started in the garage, continued up through the main home, and obviously continued through the roof. The end goal was to eliminate the chimney to open up the space on the main floor of the home and add new skylights in the roof. It all seems pretty simple in theory, but here are some pictures of the difficulty (and pain) of making it all happen.

Charlotte chimney removal - DiFabion Remodeling
Before we got started.
DiFabion Remodeling removing a chimney
Removing the ceiling.
Chimney removal in progress
The top of the chimney is removed.
The DiFabion Remodeling team prepares to install skylights
Patching in the roof, working our way down.
Skylight being installed by DiFabion Remodeling
Framing in the skylights.
Debris remaining from the chimney removal.
Down to the garage.

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