Bathroom Remodeling in Waxhaw, NC

nsplashWith all of the time you spend in your bathroom, shouldn’t it be a space where you can feel relaxed and at home? By choosing to remodel your bathroom, you can create an ideal space for yourself that will make your bathroom breaks something to look forward to!

At DiFabion Remodeling, our team has the products and services you need to design the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of having. We’ll guide you through every step of the bathroom remodeling process to leave you with an incredible space to call your own.

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Comprehensive Bathroom Remodeling Services in Waxhaw, NC

From aging in place solutions to high-end upgrades, DiFabion Remodeling’s bathroom remodeling experts have everything you need to create the bathroom of your dreams. We provide Waxhaw residents with a wide variety of solutions that offer a perfect marriage between form and function, including:

  • Walk-In Tubs
  • Barrier-Free Showers
  • Shower Seat Installation
  • Handrail & Grab Bar Installation
  • Double Vanity Installation
  • Heated Tile Flooring
  • Free-Standing Tubs
  • Built-In Storage Solutions
  • And more!

For a truly custom bathroom remodeling experience, our team offers custom task and accent lighting, tile niches, natural stone countertops, and many more high-end features for your consideration. With solutions to fit virtually any budget, we’ll help you create a bathroom design that meets all of your individual needs.

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Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

At DiFabion Remodeling, we are committed to providing you with the best remodeling experience possible. Our design and construction team will work with you every step of the way to ensure all of your expectations are met, so you’re left with the bathroom you’ve always envisioned.

When you schedule bathroom remodeling services with DiFabion Remodeling, you’ll experience the following:

  • Initial consultation: Our team will conduct a free on-site bathroom remodeling consultation to review your needs, wants, and design preferences.
  • Design and feasibility: We’ll take detailed measurements and photos to provide you with a more solidified project design and remodeling expectations based on what’s feasible within your space.
  • Plan review: Our team will provide you with a design plan for review, allowing you to make any necessary project changes before construction.
  • Selection and planning: You’ll select all of the details for your bathroom remodeling project as we continue to solidify the design plan.
  • Pre-construction walkthrough: One week before the project begins, we’ll conduct a final pre-construction walkthrough to ensure everything is ready for the build.
  • Construction begins: Our professional construction crew will officially begin work on your remodeling project, providing you with detailed project updates along the way.
  • Final walkthrough: We’ll unveil your new bathroom to ensure all of your project expectations are satisfied.

If your Waxhaw home needs bathroom remodeling, there’s no better team than DiFabion Remodeling for your design and construction needs.

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With the incredible remodeling services DiFabion Remodeling can provide, now you can have a spa-like escape inside your own home. Featuring premium materials and products and an exceptional design and construction crew, DiFabion Remodeling has everything you need to bring bathroom elegance to your living space.

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